Industrial Pump

The Industrial Pump moves a range of material types, including water and wastewater, chemicals, oil, petroleum, sludges and slurries, and food. Industries use our pumps because of its various benefits like high capacity and high efficiency.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
The yellow Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump is important for industrial tasks. Built robustly from selected cast iron and stainless steel, it handles rigorous conditions, boasting 3 HP for fluid transfer with low maintenance. Widely utilized in sectors like chemical and pharmaceuticals, its dual diaphragms ensure reliable, safe operation, reducing downtime.

Pneumatic Centrifugal Pump
The silver Pneumatic Centrifugal Pump is an industrial powerhouse for fluid transfer. Built from durable, chosen stainless steel, it suits a number of usages with varying sizes. Electrically powered, it operates seamlessly in industries like chemical processing and oil & gas, guaranteeing high performance, low maintenance, and consistent operation. With a 12 months warranty, it offers peace of mind for users handling demanding fluid tasks.

Diaphragm Pump
The Diaphragm Pump, often in black or gray, is a crucial industrial tool made from robust materials like cast iron or stainless steel of high grade. Its diaphragm design efficiently transfers fluids by flexing a membrane. Extensively used in industries like chemical processing and mining, it handles varied substances with convenience, providing gentle pumping, self-priming, and durability.

Air Motor

An Air Motor provides a continuous source of rotary power through a system involving compressed air. They are used because they provide a slew of advantages over electric motors. They are very efficient and durable.

Paint Stirrer

A Paint Stirrer is operated on pneumatic compressor air, for homogeneous mixing of paint, to avoid settling heavy particles, metallic particles, resin, pigmentation etc. at the bottom of the container.

Pneumatic Submersible Pump
Pneumatic Submersible Pumps, available in various sizes, are utilized in industrial and commercial settings. Made of MS (mild steel), they efficiently pump fluids from submerged locations. Commonly used in industries such as construction and mining, they offer benefits like portability, reliability, and ease of maintenance, crucial for underwater operations.
Gasket Cutter

The Gasket Cutter is more sophisticated cutters. They are usually bench mounted and actuated by a hand wheel. They may contain a gearing arrangement used to create higher forces for cutting heavier materials.

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